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Certified Organic Products

Our products are not natural, which can still contain some chemicals. Our products are organic, which means no chemicals allowed. Chemicals compromise health over time, and then you cannot determine why your health is not good.

Know your essential oils

Not all the oils are the same, if it is not organic, and not drinkable, it is not necessarily healthy for you. With us, you can get our courses online and learn about all the various properties and uses of all the different oils. So many uses we are not aware of, but so handy to know...

Parasite cleansing, colon cleansing

Your most effective parasite cleansing, colon cleansing, kidney cleansing, healing products that is all organic.

Let's Us Make Your Skin Beautiful & Healthy.
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Very important information for EVERY woman to know, please consult with us.

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Various organic health and various organic food products.

Time to Detox

Every healthy person should detox twice per year. There are a few ways, please consult with us according to your needs.

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Chemical Free Beauty Products

What Our Clients Say

I was at 3 different salons, and later my dermatologist for hair removal. The reason I visited so many different salons is because I didn't get the results as advertised there (between 6 – 8 sessions). I've probably been more than 10 times for under-arm hair removal, and 8 times for bikini. Can I tell you what difference your salon's laser made her removal within one session?? FLIPPEN AMAZING!!!! The hair growth declined DRASTICally after the first time, drastically!!! I can't explain how impressed I am, I'm definitely going to let the last sessions of a total hairless underarms and bikini get you done!!! I'm so glad I came out to you, and if someone is looking for a reference to incredible results, I'm referring to you!!! A G-M
My back was so painful, I couldn't sit down. After a hour on the SOQI, I was much better and could sit-up. - SRC For 2 Years after my strips, my thumb and forearm were numb. After my 1st SOQI treatment my thumb's feeling returned. After the 2nd session, my arm's feeling returned. The Doctor's told me I had to live with this feeling of numbness. Thank you for the miracle. S
SOQI Chi Machine
I experienced amazing results in a short period since I started using OrganicSpa. My makeup artist can't believe how good my skin looks like, pigmentation has almost disappeared in less than a month and my skin's overall appearance is, in his words: 'Like a baby's bottom'! I would recommend OrganicSpa for anyone who is tired of empty promises of expensive products full of chemicals. - Corine Du Toit - Actress in Egoli, Semi Sweet Movie & International Model
Corine Du Toit
I lost 7kg in 5 days .. it was mostly mess that was stuck in my colon. I feel delicious and my weight stays off. Above wonder, my water retention is gone too. Fantastic product. - D Thank you Eureka Life - DFI have lost 9.5 kg of toxins and fat in 14 days and look and feel great. Thank you Eureka Life - DF
Let's Beautify Your Skin Together!

Why do we need to go organic and with what?

Eureka Life makes sure about all the chemicals out there, not to be inside any of our products. We care about your health and longevity.

We specialize in absolutely organic skincare, it’s edible, yes, it is. If you cannot eat it, where is the cream on your skin going? Your skin is not plastic, also as you breathe it, all going into your body.

So many foods like corn and wheat are genetically modified today. It will affect everybody that is eating it. Same with supplements, we care about the fillers inside, it could also compromise your health without your knowledge.

knowledge is power, let us teach you and give you more power to buy with knowledge. Enroll in some of our courses and be wise and survive.